I am a mom of two on a journey to soothe, and entertain restless eaters.

My six-month-old son Ford has always struggled during his feedings. A curious baby at heart, he had difficulty focusing, and would playfully thrash his head from side to side absorbing all of his surroundings. Feeding quickly became a chore, as I seemed to be constantly chasing him with his bottle, then quickly attempting to calm his frustrations when it would fall from his mouth.

Until one early morning, while trying to take a sip of coffee I became desperate to find a solution. I looked over and saw a stuffed toy laying next to us on the bed, without hesitating I held it alongside the bottle and to my absolute delight it instantly soothed him.  He immediately focused on the toy, and even began reaching for it! That was the exact moment Bottapals™ was born.

I am forever honored to share Bottapals® with you, and your families, as they have undoubtedly become must haves in our home. From my family to yours….

Peace, love and restful eating!

Stephannie Torres


Message From the Founder

“I have always known two things…First, I was meant to be a mother. Second, I was meant to help others. I never truly understood what that meant until now.”
- Stephannie Torres, Founder