Remove all packaging components and tags as desired upon first use. Hold the bottle or cup in one hand, and gently stretch the elastic band over the bottom portion of the bottle or cup with the other hand and your Pal is ready to go! Quick, simple, and highly effective.  Make sure your Pal is facing your child for optimal enjoyment.
Tip from our founder-”If you're having difficulty picking your Pal, layer them! Pal’s are even more interactive when paired together!
  • NEVER wrap Bottapals® around a child’s neck, wrist, arms, legs, or ankles.  Bottapals® is not designed for use on any part of a living being.
  • ALWAYS supervise an infant or child while enjoying Bottapals®
  • REMOVE all plastic, paper, tags, and packaging materials before use.
  • SANITIZE or spot clean your Pal before first use, or as often as desired for optimal safety and hygiene practices.
  • REPLACE your Pal at the first sign of damage or weakness.