Elephant is a founding member of the Pal squad. It has shades of muted grey, pastel pink, and has our signature blue eyes that are inspired by the Founder's son. Elephant’s soft, floppy ears and tiny tuft of fluffy hair are sure to be packed in your “trunk” everywhere you go! 

*Actual product may slightly vary from image due to special features that are hand sewn with love.

Product Features

*Bottapals™ are Patent Pending developmental feeding aids designed for use on most bottles, or any other children’s cup to help soothe and entertain playful or restless eaters!

*Pediatrician Approved!

*Pals promote ease, visual stimulation, and strengthened hand eye coordination during bottle feeding.

*Bands on Bottapals™ are one universal size, measured to fit most standard sized bottles, and children’s cups.

*Suggested for use in infants 2 weeks and up.

*BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free.

*Quality crafted construction ensures no germs lingering inside your Pal for optimal hygiene.

*Pals have embroidered features with no detachable elements to eliminate choking hazards.

*Hand washable, see FAQ’s

How To Use

Remove all packaging components and tags as desired upon first use. Hold the bottle or cup in one hand, and gently stretch the elastic band over the bottom portion of the bottle or cup with the other hand and your Pal is ready to go! Quick, simple, and highly effective. Make sure your Pal is facing your child for optimal enjoyment.

Tip from our founder - ”If you're having difficulty picking your Pal, layer them! Pal’s are even more interactive when paired together!”

Product Safety

NEVER wrap Bottapals™ around a child’s neck, wrist, arms, legs, or ankles.  Bottapals™ is not designed for use on any part of a living being.

ALWAYS supervise an infant or child while enjoying Bottapals™.

REMOVE all plastic, paper, tags, and packaging materials before use.

SANITIZE or spot clean your Pal before first use, or as often as desired for optimal safety and hygiene practices.

REPLACE your Pal at the first sign of damage or weakness.


What is the recommended age of use?

We recommend introducing Bottapals™ to infants 2 weeks and older. There is no age limit of discontinued use.

How do I clean my Pal?

Hand washing or spot cleaning with mild soap and water followed by air drying works best. We do not recommend fully submerging your Pal in water. Not recommended for cleaning in microwave, dishwasher or washing machine.

How do I use Bottapals™?

Once you have picked your Pal, remove all plastic, paper, tags and any other forms of packaging before first use, and spot clean if desired. Select your cup of choice, then apply the band around the base of the bottle or cup.  Gently move the Pal to the desired distance from the child’s eyes for proper focusing, and watch them enjoy!

Are Bottapals™ Doctor recommended?

Yes! Bottapals™ are Pediatrician approved.

Are Bottapals™ safe?

Absolutely! Bottapals™ are quality crafted, safety certified, have embroidered features and a non-removable design for choking hazards and optimal safety. We strictly adhere to the ASTM standards and safety guidelines.

Can I use Bottapals™ on the body?

No! Bottapals™ are never intended for use on any part of a living being.  Do not use Bottapals™ around the head, neck, wrist, hands, fingers, arms, legs, ankles, toes or any variation thereof.

Are Bottapals™ returnable?

Yes, however, we do not accept returns or exchanges from the wear and tear of daily love.  If your Pal is defective, please contact us at bottapals@yahoo.com for further assistance. See Return Policy for more details.

Why does my Pal look different from my previous one?

Actual products may vary slightly due to special hand crafted and sewn features.

Do Bottapals™ come in different sizes?

No, Bottapals™ bands are one universal size designed to fit around most standard sized bottles, and sippy cups.

How can I become a Bottapals™ ambassador?

Let’s be PALS! We would be thrilled for you to join our circle! Please email us at bottapals@yahoo.com with subject line AMBASSADOR.

When will my order ship?

Orders are typically shipped within 2 business days to the address provided upon placing your order. Please note, during peak times such as new releases, or sales and promotions, shipping time may be extended one to two business days to accommodate high volume orders. We are not responsible for shipping delays caused by carrier service, natural disasters, lost/stolen packages due to carrier handling, or incorrect addresses listed in your order. COVID-19 pandemic may affect delivery times.